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Poetry Workshop: #3 Inside, Underneath and Beyond


This is a poem of exploring matters contained within or underneath or beyond something everyday or even unexplained.  Choose something to explore and decide which direction of discovery to investigate: will it be to dive inside to see what makes it tick or will it be a burrowing sense of exploration where layers are removed and examined, or does the exploration go beyond known boundaries?

 Inside All Poems

Inside all poems

Is a question

And inside this question

Is a quest.

The poet rides out

on a journey to find

the meaning

or an answer

or maybe to hear

an echo of reply

from one who seeks

an answer to the

same question quest.


This form of poetry isn’t quite as popular as the other workshop poems. Upon reflection it might be due to having to look at something from several different viewpoints at the same time to really see it, which can be difficult.  It’s like those crazy illustrations of one viewpoint yielding two faces, one on each side of the goblet–but look again, and it is an old woman.  It means slowing down life for a few nanoseconds and really thinking about: am I looking or seeing?

Creative Challenge:
Take a look at something you see everyday and try on your perspective specs and really look at it–is there something more to it than you thought, or think?  For a real challenge, try this on a person you know.  Uh mmm, now that’s taking it to a new level of seeing instead of looking.

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