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Poetry Workshop: #1 Repetition Poems

I take seriously the celebration of poetry (understatement–AP terms #179).I took on the personal challenge of posting once a day some poetically inclined muse about poetry and as we wrap up the month I shall share some workshop poems from my creative writing class.

Poetry Workshop Poem #1: Repetition Poems


  1. Pick a word or short phrase for the first line
  2. Add a word or phrase to it for the second line
  3. Take the ending line to create the consecutive lines, adding a new word or phrase each time until poem reaches a satisfactory conclusion

In the garden there is a tree

And in that tree is thinking spot

And in that thinking spot are my daydreams

And in my daydreams are pathways

And on those pathways are choices to make

And from those choices to make I will decide

And from those decisions will become my destiny

And from that destiny I will live my life

And I will live my life always dreaming, always thinking

And I am thankful for trees




Repetition poems are perfect for those students who lament how they can’t get into the poem groove and get something on paper.  It’s also perfect for those who can take its simplicity and play with it.  And yes, I create poems along with my students.  Who can resist coaxing a poem onto the page?

Happy Poetry Month!!

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One thought on “Poetry Workshop: #1 Repetition Poems

  1. Happy Poetry month to you as well!

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