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Forming Poetry: Terse Verse

Terse: short or brief

Verse: associated with poetry, as in a line that rhymes

Terse Verse: a short poem in which the answer is a two-word rhyme definition of the presented word


Kleenex–sneeze please
Perfume-swell smell
Bib–drool tool
Binder–holder folder
Pencil–school tool
Baker–flour power
Candy–sweet treat
Shakespeare–stage sage
Turkey–absurd bird

Submit your best (or worst–PG, please) Terse Verse.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few, and the students keep amazing me with their ingenuity.


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3 thoughts on “Forming Poetry: Terse Verse

  1. shoes – feet seat, Blogging – word curd,

  2. Ingenious. My wheels are turning, as Poetry Month (April) is around the corner. Sounds like a perfect activity for the kids. Thank you for liking my blog post.

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