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Oh, the Magnetism of Poetry

Sometimes I lament that our library moved from its dilapidated and inadequate former bank building because it contained some quirky and cool things. For instance, part of the children’s section was located in the old vault–no kidding. Another interesting aspect to the building were the support beams and posts placed hither and thither, which made for shelving dilemmas. The posts placed so right there in the middle of everything begged for decoration.  One clever use of post availability were cookie sheets of word magnets.  Great fun in creating poems and stories by sliding and arranging these words about.

I created my own set of word magnets by cutting out words from magazine ads and gluing them on to strip magnets found in craft stores.  The progeny and their friends reveled in creating messages.  I’m tempted to do something along the lines with my students, yet I harbor concerns of inappropriate arrangements no matter how urbane the word selection might be.

For fun I found a site that provides the pleasure of refrigerator verse arrangements:

Refrigerator Poetry Play

Here is some inspiration in the mean time:


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3 thoughts on “Oh, the Magnetism of Poetry

  1. You must be a wonderul teacher!

  2. There is no such thing as “inappropriate arrangements”. It’s a great idea! Go for it!

    I’m soon helping re-open a small refurbished historic public library. Curious to see what quirkiness they have restored. Great description of the old place!

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