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Take Your Next Poem to Lunch


Silently mulling over the words, she reflected in her repose as she drank deeply of the healing verse before her….


Really, poetry doesn’t have to be all artsy, angsty to be enjoyed. The reflective part is okay, but honestly, poetry can be much more rewarding as an outward expression through sharing. During Poetry Month try some of these verse interactivities:

1.  Randomly leave a poem around the office or break room.

2.  Pack poems in your lunch for at least a week–you know, a read ’em and eat kind of thing

3. Sign off your signature with a line from a favorite poem

4. Use a poem for a bookmark

5. Memorize a poem–one you don’t know (Robert Frost won’t mind this time)

6. Read up about a poet–most have led amazing lives

7.Watch a movie with poems–I suggest Dead Poets Society

8. Chalk poems on the sidewalk

9. Attach a poem to a balloon and release it

10. Revisit a poem–has it changed in meaning for you?

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4 thoughts on “Take Your Next Poem to Lunch

  1. Elise on said:

    Leave a poem on the Poem Tree at the library! It can be original or a favorite. Sign it or be anonymous!

  2. Reblogged this on belljargirl and commented:
    Reblog…Because I love poetry so much and think everyone should spread poetry more..and these ideas for doing just that, are lovely.

    Another idea..drunkenly take out your pen when in the pub and write poems, or vaguely poetic things, on beer mats and leave them for people to find. This is how I spent new year’s eve 2013.(I think I probably wrote my blog address on them as well..cheeky bit of publicity) I wrote a beer-mat poem for one of our friends, and proceeded to do a reading of it at the house party after the pub which started a rap battle. Beautiful times 😉

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