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A Wee Bit of Housekeeping


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Blogging is tough to keep up with when the paperload of grading bogs my time down.  I’ve managed to swim up from an arduous week of poetry notebooks and grammar packets and hope to dust off the edges of my postie.

First of all, as summer plunges into the recesses of seasonal change, as darkness and rainy days force former sunny afternoons of backyard bliss to fade away into autumnal dreariness, I can’t  help but reflect how quickly time passes.  One day I’m relaxing out in the backyard with book in hand after a long day of prepping freshmen of the harsh realities of high schoolness and the next moment I’m hunkering over my laptop planning second semester lesson forays into To Kill a Mockingbird and The Odyssey.

This is when I am glad to retreat into blogdom.

I have scant energy to work on my manuscripts once school starts again.  I don’t even have energy to skim through my writing magazines, let alone attend my critique group.  Teacherness garners every grain of my attention.  Then again, what else would I want to do for a career.? Oh, yeah, be a world-famous recluse writer.  Aah, there’s time for that when I do actually retire.

For now, blogging is my version of knitting as a means of unwinding and filling my hands with busyness and allowing my brain to channel some sort of creativity.  I may not churn out scarves and mittens, but I do enjoy tweaking out a post or two.

This is why I so appreciate getting a bit of recognition now and then.  Those fun reader awards count for hurrah applause (“yes! someone is reading my stuff! yay!!) This time I have Samirto thank for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I appreciate Samir’s comments and he has great insights on writing (and life) at his own blog.  Be sure to check out his blog if you haven’t already.  Now, as to the award regs:

1.  Thanks, Samir, for the lovely blog nom

2. Seven things about me…

  • Not a banana fan unless they are in my smoothie or come in chips
  • Prefer doing sports rather than watching them
  • I detest crinkly sounds, especially at the movies
  • Would love to live in a Bradburian neighborhood with a front porch and visit with neighbors who pop up for conversation and lemonade as we ease back in our porch swings
  • I used to adore cats, but not so much anymore (I owned seven at one time)
  • Wonder if I will ever be able to play the piano–I have the piano, just no musical ability
  • Can’t drink carbonated beverages without getting explosive, bodacious hiccups (very embarrassing)

3. Fifteen blogs I think are Lovely

ahem, well…I think a lot of blogs are lovely and so not too offend anyone I do follow, have followed, and intend on following more closely, here are a handful of new-to-me blogs.  I especially like how random these bloggers think, react, and respond to the world around them.  They are sound bites of this big blue marble we call home:

And just in case you are interested, as I was dusting and futzing about the blog I discovered a few stats lying about.  Not knowing what else to do with them I thought I would air them out.  Stats do like a turn  about now and then.

Since February when I began Musing via WordPress:

  • 103 posts
  • 5, 665 hits
  • Akimet is protecting me against 888 spam comments–this one fascinates me. How do they know what constitutes a threat versus a sincere inquiry? What if it is a legimate blogadite tapping at my door?
  • March 17 was my busiest day when I had 86 hits.  I wrote about browsing through other people’s bookcases.  Weird how some topics light a fire, huh?

Anyway, I’m worn out from dusting and futzing.  I need to get back to slumming and read my gothic romance.  The heroine is just about to become the governess to the spoiled daughter of the married man who has wretched, but attractive wife.  It should be a fast read.  Tomorrow we continue with Cyrano de Bergerac in AP English.

Happy Pages,


Cyrano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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9 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of Housekeeping

  1. Yes, it is weird what blog topics catch on with your readers. Sometimes you just can’t predict how people will react.

    Samir’s visited me too. Bless that man — he seems to enjoy spreading happiness around the blogosphere.

    • Now if I could figure out what catches the attention of the Freshly Pressed brigade…

      • Go to the Support section of WordPress and look up the “So You Want To Be Freshly Pressed” article. It describes some of their judging standards.

        I would so love to see your blog get Freshly Pressed one day. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

      • That’s sweet! I was happy when I so yours pressed–very deserving. I’ve looked over the article a couple of times. Would hate to think my blog will always be bridesmaid material. Maybe I’m not dotting my i’s enough…

  2. Oh, excellent. I love discovering new blogs. 🙂 Cheers back to ya.

  3. Hello Cricketmuse,

    I started blogging from January 12, 2012,

    My statistics since then:

    Total posts: 372
    Most active day: July 28, 2012 with 1,979 views
    Total views: 88,432
    Total followers: 165
    Total comments: 942
    Comments per month: 39
    Most commented recent post: Ontario Lottery Corporation Scam

    Top Posts (above 500 views) for all days ending 2012-11-05:

    News: A woman gave birth to 11 baby boys in Surat, India. – 14,499
    Sex and the Indian Woman – 9,999
    Sachin Tendulkar’s Maiden International TEST Century – 8,489
    Better be a Lion… – 7,542
    Ontario Lottery Corporation Scam – 5,200
    Home page / Archives – 4,117
    Indians hated British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. – 2,864
    The Temple in Jerusalem – 2,770
    Coriander Leaves and Kidneys – 1,413
    Esther Vergeer – the world’s greatest Wheelchair Tennis player – 1,026
    Kalpakkam in tears … – 906
    Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter “Apostate” in Tunisia – توفيق عكاشة يعرض جريمة الإخوان بقتل مواطن بتونس – 854
    Who is Pinki Pramanik? Did She Rape a Woman? – 791
    Ellie May Challis vs Oscar ‘Blade Runner’ Pistorius – 770
    James Holmes alias Bane Rises in Aurora, Colorado. – 723
    The Archangel Gabriel – 703
    Can you ride off ramps? – 681
    Charcoal Art Collection – 657
    The Navels of Adam and Eve – 614
    Some facts about Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. – 589
    Grotto Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes – Emmitsburg, Maryland – 515

    I thank Akismet has protecting my site from 7,611 spam comments to date.

    • Very impressive! You are definitely doing well with your posts. I look forward to exploring your blog further.
      Happy Pages,

      • You are always welcome. I post at least one article each day. I do not specialize.

        Just now I received the following comment from a Hindu sadhu:

        “Dear Mr. Raj, We are aware of one old saying, “Jack of all trades; master of none.” We enjoy our time relaxing, often in mirth and merriment. Nothing pays in the long run. Why don’t you try to be a specialist? Yes, specialization in a particular subject is absolutely necessary. Life is one and once for all. Please do not while away your valuable time. This is what I cherish at heart being in the gracious contact of Ma-Mahajnan, a spiritual genius.”

        And I replied as follows:

        “In this blog I write whatever that fascinates me and feel it would be a good read for others. I do not expect all my readers to concur with my impressions.

        You say, “Yes, specialization in a particular subject is absolutely necessary.”

        What specialization does a man need who does not believe in heaven or hell or any after life, and who believes that his physical body would be mutilated in less than 6 years from now by medical students?

        I have lived my life to the full, helping others wherever and whenever possible, of course within my means.

        I believe that both Heaven and Hell are here with us in this life itself.

        My religion is simple: A smile on another’s face means Heaven and if the other person frowns then it signifies Hell.”

      • Giving joy to others, is indeed a noble pursuit. I most definitely believe Heaven and Hell exist, and appreciate the beauty of a smile and the gladness it brings.
        Blue Skies

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