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Liebster Blog Love

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English: Meryl Streep on the 56th International Film Festival in San Sebastian (Spain). Own work by uploader User:PhotoTakeReality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ich bin ein Liebster Blogger.”  I hope my German doesn’t offend anybody. My mom laughs when I haul it out and dust it off. It’s always a great feeling to feel the liebe from other bloggers.  It’s my paycheck, I suppose, that is, until an agent or editor happens to come across my posts and offer me a book/movie package.  Well, why not?  It happened to Julie, didn’t it?  I wonder if Meryl is in between movies…

So–thanks, merlinespielen for this award.  I guess it’s a good thing being recognized for having a follower base under 200 (?).  Being recognized is being recognized, and I always appreciate  merlinspielen’s comments on my posts.

Okay, now for passing on the Blog Award baton.  Other blogs under 200 followers (I think…couldn’t find the counter numbers):

 makemeafrock:  she combines poetry and sew(etry) in her posts, which is a marvelous combination in my book.

Pastor Jeff:  I so do enjoy his thought-provoking posts.

AJJenner:a writer who shares a common project of writing about a family member’s experiences about WWII.  Did I mention she’s got a fabulous banner photo of her grandfather?

poetrybytheclueless: a teenager who loves to write, and no doubt has more followers than I do, and just graduated (happy graduation!)

onelonemagpie: writing about fashion in a fresh way (p.s. Happy Birthday!)

Whew!  What a week–awards, last day of instruction, Ray Bradbury passes away, graduation,  birthdays–glad for the extra liebe.

Tschuss, mein freundin (Mom, quit snickering)


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3 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Love

  1. Thank you so much for the award!
    Haha I wish I had 200 followers, but I guess on the plus side, having fewer followers means that I am eligible for this award 🙂
    And congrats on receiving the award yourself!

  2. It’s quality not quantity of followers that matters–right? 🙂
    Enjoy your award!

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