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I Do So Appreciate My Readers

Cover of "Inception"

Cover of Inception

Cover of "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

Cover of Their Eyes Were Watching God

It is ever so wonderful to check notifications and discover the nomination of a blogger award.  This one comes  from AJ Jenner. She is doing what most of us writers would like to do–take a sabbatical from the workaday world and she is seriously pursuing writing.  Yay and hooray to live out that goal. News update: she just won a screenwriting contest.  Double hooray!

I’m a little fuzzy about the requirements of this award and so I will wing it (as usual).

First off: what have I been up to lately?  Hmmm, besides grading papers until my eyes and resolve give out, I’ve managed to smush in some fun stuff:

  • read a few books: Their Eyes Were Watching God (a possible text for AP literature), Insurgent (been waiting almost a year for the sequel to Divergent) .
  • watch a few DVDs: Inception (again). Flyboys (for my seniors as a means of emphasizing how WWI experience shifted the world’s paradigm and changed literature forever), Miracle Worker, Romeo and Juliet (both for classes, yet I don’t mind how many times I’ve watched them), Their Eyes Were Watching God (almost as good as the book), Garrow’s Law (series based on real life of the English lawyer who began defense for the prosecuted in 18th century).
  • garden–although I’m not enjoying it quite like I used to. Score? Weeds 5, Me-1
  • gelato walks: on Fridays they offer fruit flavors (strawberry on top and chocolate on the bottom…yummmmy)
  • procrastinate about editing my YA novel that needs to be sent off to a publisher I discovered at a recent writing conference.

Oh, and nap.  I turned to chocolate to relieve the stress of end-of-the year teaching, and gained two pounds.  Napping seems to be working better.  Somewhere I read that those who nap lose weight.  I still prefer chocolate though.

Another part of the award is to nominate other blogs?  I don’t know how many we are supposed to nominate so I will offer up those blogs who regularly respond and drop by:

Eagle-eyed Editor


Remco Coesel

Literary Tiger



And I do so appreciate my readers, so if I left you off the list, my apologies.  I really need to finish this so I can take my Sunday nap.  Either that or I will succumb to popping down to the store for chocolate.

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2 thoughts on “I Do So Appreciate My Readers

  1. Thanks for mentioning me, Cricketmuse! I’m flattered! I enjoy reading your blog too. 🙂

  2. Samir on said:

    Thanks for the mention 😉

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