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Have You Thanked a Teacher Today?

I know I am banging my own drum since I am a teacher.  Yet, I want to recognize how teachers have affected my own life, and if you stop and give it some thought, somewhere along the way a teacher made a difference in your life.  If you can read, write, add, subtract, multiply, and point out where Taiwan is on the map, you more than likely can thank a teacher for that ability.

NOTE: Teachers aren’t only found in the classroom.  Parents are teachers.  Siblings are teachers.  Community leaders like those who invest their time in Scouts and 4H are teachers.  I see teachers as those individuals who impart a skill, a value, an idea to others. I’ve had some amazing teachers along the way, and because learning is something that is a life long adventure I know I will have many other teachers in my life.  Sometimes I even learn something  from my students.

So–have you thanked a teacher today?

Looking to be inspired or be reminded of teachers and their impact upon our lives?  Consider one these books (Barnes and Noble images):

Teacher Man: A Memoir  The Best Teacher Ever (Little Critter Series) Teaching Hope: Stories from the Freedom Writers Teachers Helen and Teacher: The Story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy

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