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A Tribute to Guinea Pigs

So sad. Patches, our guinea pig passed away today.  Some may wonder at being so attached to such a small  animal and might even wonder about guinea pigs as being significant pets, especially since they aren’t known for devotion and heroics as found in other pets such as cats, dogs, or even horses.  It’s not like there are scads of books or movies that pop into mind featuring a guinea pig as the hero animal.  Yet, our little pet definitely impacted our lives.  How could you not love this little face?


He lived a very long life for a guinea pig, we reckon about eight, maybe even ten years.  Though Patches didn’t care much for me (never trim a guinea pig’s nails–he will forever resent you for it), he was known to lick fingers of those he adored.  Admittedly, he would set aside his resentments and he would squeak and wheek when he heard my voice  and when I peered into his cage he would rise up on his haunches looking for the treat he knew I would bring him.  I will miss sharing my morning banana with him. I will also miss taking him for our walks out in the backyard where he would munch away, the lord of the lawn, weather permitting.

The house seems so empty without his rustlings about.  Sigh.  Pet death is tough.  As part of my farewell, I thought I would dedicate a few books about guinea pigs to him.  Goodbye, little friend.

Product DetailsDick King-Smith is the author who wrote Babe, The Gallant Pig. Maybe you caught the movie?

Product DetailsProduct DetailsA couple of books and a movie which show the fun and adventuresome side of guinea pigs.  Our guinea pig may not have had a secret life, but he was still special to us all the same.

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7 thoughts on “A Tribute to Guinea Pigs

  1. onelonemagpie on said:

    Sorry, Mum. I didn’t know Patches as well as Dan or you and Pops did but I’m sure it feels like when I lost my cat buddy, Todd (the orange one). Maybe Patches and Todd are hanging out together now…



  2. I just stumbled upon this post.

    I had a pig named Pig, and she was the finest little companion a person could have.

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