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POM: September

I thought it’s time for one of my own poems. Sky is extremely important to me. I need blue skies to function properly. Often summer begins with that blah gray overcast that has hints of promise, as if a blue sky day is hiding under its canvas.

A gesso sky

replaced the

forecast of partly 


The day remained 

blank with possibilities.

Yet, none pursued.


even oppressed,

by the sky’s indecision,

I laze through the day.

A splash of blue sky

cautiously peeps out,

rendering the pale absence,

and then the wan is replaced …


This artist captures well the aspect of gesso sky. 

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2 thoughts on “POM: September

  1. The sky is always a big factor in influencing our outlook, yet we really don’t think about it often enough. Love the word gesso by the way.

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