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Brr–It’s a Bit Drafty In Here

According to a recent bookbaby article by George Burgett I have been writing my drafts all wrong.  Then again, there is a disclaimer that his advice addresses non-fiction primarily.  Hmm, writing is writing, isn’t it?

Here are His pointers offset by my comments.

Write the first draft as quickly as possible. I tend to review the previous day’s work to get a feel for what framework I was in prior, and I do dibble dabble as I read. Best tweak now when the muse is dancing than when the muse can’t remember the steps.

Most of the words will never see light. Wait–throw them out? There’s some really good stuff on the pages. If I tossed it all out why write at all?  I do, of course, edit, weed, and revise.  That’s why I have a critique group. And thick skin.

Look at the purpose statement. I agree. Now and then I should reassess where I started on this path and if I’m still moving in the right direction.

Divided the chapter into logical points. That makes sense too. Chapters should flow naturally to a spot where the reader wants more.

Don’t edit as you write. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Do research after the first draft. Umm, I need that research now in order to continue.

Don’t share your first draft. I do share because I get great feedback from the MEPA. Working in that garret gets a bit dismal without input.

Looking over the list I have to concede I need to reassess my writing habits of editing. And yes, I could tighten up on my research rabbit trails. Okay, I learned a couple of things. How about you?  Any nuggets to place in your basket?

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6 thoughts on “Brr–It’s a Bit Drafty In Here

  1. “Don’t edit as you write. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.”

    This happens with fiction writers, too. When I throw this impulse to the curb, I move on to the next draft more quickly.

    • Yet, I’m torn by grabbing that inspirational thought and tying it down before it gallops away. Theory and practice don’t jibe in reality. But writing, always writing is the most important part

  2. Writing advice is like parenting advice: I ignore anything that doesn’t make sense to me. But I’m always grateful for a new idea that does.

  3. As soon as I listen to rules about writing the spark goes out in my soul. I do it how ever I want to because if I don’t I end up in a constant state of judging myself harshly. I’m no longer a good student but I can’t help it. I’ve become a rebel with age.

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