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Poem Flow

From the “About Poem Flow”:

Poem Flow is a poem-of-the day application on the Apple app platform.

Each day a new poem flows to thousands of screens around the world. Everyone receives the same poem on the same day creating an instant, invisible community of simultaneous readers. The poems are from a mix of the greatest poems in English. Turned in your hand, each poem dissolves in a gentle reading animation. Turned back, the original poem returns.

 Poem Flow is mesmerizing in how it presents a poem. Instead of the poem being present in all its form, Poem Flow segments the words so that they words appear in digestible bits of anticipation.  The poem collection is a mix of contemporary and classics; receiving a new poem every day is like receiving a daily dose of serendipity.

You can check out the site: and experiment for yourself the wonder of a poem flowing gently across your screen.

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One thought on “Poem Flow

  1. Finally a reason to actually get something Apple!

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