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National Poetry Month: William Wordsworth

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14 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: William Wordsworth

  1. Hence, in a season of calm weather
    Though inland far we be,
    Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
    Which brought us hither;
    Can in a moment travel thither—
    And see the children sport upon the shore,
    And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore.

  2. strange avatar, not my choice

  3. National Poetry Month: William Wordsworth

  4. A picture, a poem, a story. is a home. Cjnative April 22, 2021

  5. Your posting here gave me a new way to write, pictures in a story form.

  6. This seems like a very appropriate poem for the current season. I was thinking of this one today. We have an abundance of daffodils in our garden right now. Perhaps, I’ll post photos to the blog later. I just took a walk around the block with a dog I’m caring for, and saw a lot of my neighbors’ daffodils, in all kinds of varieties, also.

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